The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Table of Contents
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There are many things to be concerned with when looking for a carpet cleaning company and it’s important that you think of the right considerations before hiring anyone. We have come across it time and time again where we see so called professional carpet cleaners turning up to jobs with hired machines such as the infamous “Rug Doctor”. 

We should all know at this point that although they are a great introduction to carpet cleaning they are not going to get you the best result and especially from anyone who turns up at your home or business with one. If a Rug Doctor is what you need then you most probably would have gone to the effort yourself. 

The rest of this guide will help you with important consideration and processes so you can understand the value of getting professionals to complete the work.

We have made a simple pyramid to explain the way you should go about hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Here’s what it looks like:

Gain confidence when hiring a professional

Ask the right questions when hiring a company to clean your carpets. Gain confidence by asking the right questions and checking the professionalism of the propective company.

Chapter Two: Carpet Cleaning Methods

Popular and Effective Methods

Determining the best carpet cleaning method is dependent on a variety of factors, for example, the type of cleaning that you require. Do you need to target stains, or just want to upkeep cleanliness? Or the materials your carpet is made up on. 

Chapter Three: Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The Tools Professionals Use

Carpet cleaning is a multi-step process which means there’s a tool for each process. learn how carpet cleaning professionals get great results with the right tools for the job.

Chapter Four: Carpet Cleaning Processes

The way professionals clean your carpets

Get familiar with the carpet cleaning process. In this chapter we look at the processes that ensure your carpets are cleaned from root to tip. This is ultimately a reference on how you are spending your money and what you get in return.

Chapter Five: Carpet Cleaning Costs

What to expect when looking for a price

Carpet cleaning prices vary greatly from vendor to vendor and this doesn’t really help the customer to select the best company for their requirements. We will look at some carpet cleaning costs and how to select the right company based on them.

Chapter Six: Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning at your home

Residential carpet cleaning is recommended twice a year by the National Carpet Cleaners Association. We recognise that for some customers this is unrealistic and recommend that customers attempt at least 1 clean per year. Carpets are prone to collecting 4x more dirt and bacteria than your home toilet so there is a good reason to conder the recommendations.

Chapter Seven: Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning at your business

Commercial carpet cleaning is required around 4 times a year due to many commercial settings receiving high volumes of foot traffic. In this chapter we’ll discuss the best options that ensure you look consciensous  to your customers and team.
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