Carpet Cleaning Across South Devon

We clean and refresh your carpets to create a safer, healthier home using Eco-Friendly industry leading chemicals and equipment.

Domestic carpet cleaners for hire

We are local carpet cleaners working in and around the south west, Devon Carpet Cleaners are a fully insured, trained and friendly. 

Cleaning all types of carpets and rugs from wool to synthetic. In rooms such as bedrooms, lounges even kitchens, We even have carpet cleaning for stairs tools. Using our professional hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning equipment combined with our multi-step process will make your carpets look and smell clean again. 

Carpet Cleaners
dirty water bucket

According to the NCCA our process is considered the best system to use. 

Leaving carpets dry and the pile softer to touch more refreshed. Instead of going to your local supermarket and using their carpet cleaner hire service and doing this yourself let us take away a lot of that stress and hassle and have your carpets cleaned professionally. 

What is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

We get asked this alot. Although there are a number of ways to clean carpets the most effective way is Hot Water Extraction. There are at least 8 steps in this approach, this is why we consider it to be the better method for most carpets. Dry carpet cleaning is another approach, which is a better for delicate or fragile carpets and rugs.

best carpet cleaning - hot water extraction
the best carpet cleaning

Every carpet is different, it could be the material. the age, the condition or even where the carpet is, right down to how much footfall it gets. With this in mind how can just one carpet cleaning or rug cleaning method work on all carpets and rugs ? the answer is it can’t. That is why at Devon carpet cleaners we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and having multiple cleaning methods. Helping us to select which is the best carpet cleaning system to use.

After inspecting your carpet we will decide whether we should use our industrial carpet cleaning  hot water extraction method, or dry carpet cleaning method using powder or even our encapsulation method which uses very low moisture. 

As well as selecting the correct cleaning method we will also select the most appropriate tool to use, we have a selection of different hand tools for carpet cleaning for stairs 

stair carpet cleaning
steam carpet cleaners

Steam Carpet Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Steam carpet cleaning is the same as hot water extraction. So if you hear either term being used then knowing this means you are being offered the same service. Our trained steam carpet cleaners are all knowledgable about the hot water extraction process and deliver consistant results using a consistent process.

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Your Home

Our team of professional carpet cleaners are trained by clean smart and accredited by the national carpet cleaners association. This means you can be confident that you have experienced, trained and insured technicians cleaning your carpets. We use eco-friendly chemicals where possible and using commercial chemicals means our team must be precise in their assessment of your requirements.

carpet cleaning chemicals
We are highly rated on Google

It's easy to claim we are professional and friendly. There is no better proof than what our customers think.

Carpet Cleaning for Stairs

Most properties have at least one set of stairs which will be carpeted, these are one of the main areas of the home that get a lot of footfall.

The dirt can stick to them and even if your wearing socks and slippers the dirt can be spread across other areas of your home. 

As experienced Local carpet cleanerswe have the correct equipment for carpet cleaning stairs to ensure they are clean, hygienic and dry, whether you have 1 set of stairs or have lots of communal sets of stairs in a flat block or care home. 


carpet cleaning for stairs
wand tool

Landlords and Estate Agents

In between tenancy changeovers and house sales is the perfect time to get the carpets cleaned. Our heavy duty cleaning equipment is perfect for getting this done fast no matter your timeframe. We leave the property with dry carpets and a refreshing smell that helps to to get your deals over line.

Moving into your new home

It’s exciting moving into your new home, but it can add some stress when the carpets where left uncleaned and smell particularly bad. why not get us to come with our experience and equipment to take some stress away form you. Our local service offers you some peace of mind that your carpets in your new home from the lounge to your stairs can smell fresh, feel softer and look clean again.

new home carpet cleaners
Carpet Cleaning Hot Water Extraction Machine

End of tenancy Cleans


If part of your end of tenancy agreement is to have your carpets professionally cleaned to have your deposit handed back why not give us a call.

As professional carpet and rug cleaners we also get the floors smelling clean and looking great as any new tenant and landlord would expect.

We can also put together a deal to have your new property carpets cleaned as well.


Stain Removal

Removing carpet stains such as urine, coffee, red wine, crayons, markers and make up can be worrying. 

If you require some carpet spot cleaning to help retain a deposit or even just to make your carpet or rug look great again then as carpet cleaners we can help.

We are fully trained technicians carrying out the best carpet cleaning with leading chemicals and equipment designed to tackle tough stains, so don’t panic we are here to help.

Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal
carpet stain removal

There are simply, there are no guarantees that stains can be completely removed from your carpets. So many factors come into play when it comes to stains and while we make no promises, we do often get good results. If our process cannot remove the stain then nothing else will. We know this because we use industry leading chemical solutions, spotters and extraction equipment to tackle any carpet clean.

Our best tip is DO NOT attempt to remove the stain yourself.

Please note: While every effort is taken to remove your stains some stains, may be permanent due to several factors. We will get as much information as we can from you before any stain treatment is undertaken

Carpet cleaning

Experienced in what we do

We were called to this house to refresh their carpets, the owners were prepared to replace all of them as they thought they may not be able to saved but didn’t want the expense of replacing them, and the hassle of emptying all furniture from the house.

After an initial look around we chose the most suitable chemicals for the carpets and explained to the customer what we were going to do and the reason why. For us we love educating our customers on our process and offering advice to help prevent a similar situation in the future.

For this clean we opted for hot water extraction (steam) cleaning rather than low moisture or dry cleaning.

The result speaks for itself and the 5 star review left by the customer on our Google by business page was a nice bonus.

“We used Devon Carpet Cleaners to clean a carpet of ours that looked beyond saving, but they managed to bring it back to life and we don’t have to buy a new carpet. The guys talked us through the products and procedure they use and the end result is fantastic. The price was reasonable and the customer service was second to none. We would highly recommend their services”


Cleaning Oil Marks from Stairs

A workman installing a new stair lift left some nasty oil stains on this customers stairs.

We got to work and using the most appropriate technique, equipment and chemicals we safely removed the stains, leaving the carpet on the stairs  healthier and looking much cleaner.

“Superb services from Devon Carpet Cleaners, on time excellent equipment, polite and professional staff. They wore PPE and followed guide lines which made us feel safe and most importantly the workmanship was exceptional. Thanks Gents. Great job we would highly recommend and use you again! 🙂

Grease on stairs carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning stairs