Dry Powdered Carpet Cleaning
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Offering dry carpet cleaning to create safer, healthier floors using Eco-Friendly chemicals and industry leading equipment.

Dry Carpet Cleaners for your Home or Workplace

Sometimes we will recommend dry carpet cleaning as the preferred solution. Some carpets and rugs will have backings or delicate fabric that hot water extraction carpet cleaning will potentially damange. This approach has one major benefit of being a low or no moisture process. The result means we leave your carpets and rugs as dry as we found them but much cleaner.

dry carpet cleaning
powdered carpet cleaning

What is Powdered Carpet Cleaning?

Powdered Carpet Cleaning is a low moisture carpet cleaning method. Your carpets are cleaned using a power chemical instead of liquid based chemicals. This approach would be used to clean delicate fabrics such as delicate wool, vegetable dye or persian based carpets and rugs.