The Ultimate End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist is Here

We are a team of fully trained and insured End of Tenancy Cleaners that deliver the most consistent cleaning using our thorough 115 point checklist.

End of Tenancy Cleaning List

Cleaning your property at the end of a lease is both hefty and crucial for any tenant. If you fail to achieve the acceptable property condition, your security deposit might be deducted by your landlord.

That’s why we had our professional end of tenancy cleaners compile the most thorough and in-depth end of tenancy checklist to help you move out in a breeze

Table of Contents

Check List Overview

For a thorough clean of the property, you’ll need some tools and materials. These include detergents for different surfaces, a vacuum cleaner, upholstery/carpet shampoo, clean cloths and rags, a soft brush and spray bottles.

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Cleaning the Kitchen before moving out

The kitchen is one of the most sensitive areas when it comes to hygiene, and that’s where your landlords (or inventory clerk) will pay extra attention to detail.

How to clean the bathroom at the end of tenancy

Your bathroom requires a specific cleaning approach since mildew, mould, and limescale can easily accumulate on its surfaces.

How to clean your fridge freezer as you leave the property

Find out if you need to switch off your fridge or freezer before moving out. Usually, this information is included in the tenancy agreement. For an efficient and thorough clean, do the following:

How to clean the dishwasher

People think that since the dishwasher was made to clean, the appliance itself stays clean at all times. That is not true, especially if you use it on a regular basis as it can amass grease, soap scum, and leftover foods.

How to clean the washing machine

As your washing machine takes care of your dirty clothes, it filters lots of dirt, hair, and other particles. Its interior and filters need to be thoroughly cleaned.