Dirty Windows is only one sign that your glass is getting permantly damaged.

Dirt, debris, hard water, and acid rain damage your windows on each contact. These materials etch into the glass and cause scratches. Professional cleaning removes corrosive contaminants from your windows, reducing the likelihood of scratches, chips, and cracks in the future.

Our Window Cleaning Service

Are the windows at your home or workplace starting to look streaked and dirty? You may feel the need to get out your buckets, cloths and ladders to do it yourself but, These methods are unsafe and uneffective. If you have a larger property with lots of windows, and 2 or more floors, there’s really no way you can do the job on your own. That’s why you need to consider hiring a professional window cleaning company.

We want our customers to feel confident that they are working with a company that is trained and above all conscienous about delivering excellent standards.

window cleaning with extention brush

5 Benefits of Choosing Professional Window Cleaning Company for your Home or Workplace

Over time, your windows build up a layer of dirt, water deposits, streaks, smudges, and fingerprints. This grime can obscure the incoming light and become an unsightly distraction.

How is Pressure Washing Performed?

Our trained, highly experienced and well-prepared window cleaners will keep your glass streak-free and clear. Our teams use the most effective tools, detergents and methods to clean windows. Our services ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your home or workplace without trouble and hassle.

Pure Water Treatment

Currently this is the most advanced window cleaning approach. Our cleaners use a  long pole (upto 40ft) made of strong carbon fibre material attached to a tank of purified water in our van. The technicians use this method to remove dirt, minerals and chemicals from your glass. Using this method allows us to reach windows up to three storeys from the ground.

Crystal Clear Windows

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential window cleaning, we have the technicians, tools and experience to add the shine back to your windows. We cater to:

How is Our Window Cleaning Service Performed?

There are only three steps to streak-free windows:

Frequently Asked Questions?

We have collected our most frequently asked questions ( FAQ’s ) relating to professional window cleaning to help you find relevent information and to answer your general queries.

A. The purified water equipment is attached to the van. The cleaner has to park it no further than 30 metres from the property and on the same side where your windows are located.

A. It depends on the number of windows and their condition.

A. The equipment ejects water under very high pressure. Because of this, we cannot clean wooden window elements as there’s a high risk of causing damage.

A. There is absolutely no need to do so as the purified water doesn’t leave any streaks behind.

A. If it can be accessed from the ground with our reach and wash system, we will clean it. Otherwise, it will not be safe for the technician to do it from the balcony itself.

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Emily Readman
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Fantastic. Did a great job. Super friendly but professional. Will definitely use again and can highly recommend.
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Excellent, highly professional and very effective service. An old carpet now looks almost new. Very impressive and very good value - thoroughly recommended!
Andrea Samuelson
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Devon Carpet Cleaners cleaned all 8 rugs - came and picked them up and returned them. They were efficient, timely and highly reliable. The rugs look like new now! I cannot recommend Dale and his team highly enough. Very pleased to have found them!