Carpet Cleaning Company: 5 Easy Checks Before Hiring

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We all make uniformed decisions from time to time and more often than not we regret it. In this short article we will cover some of main considerations when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

In this article you can expect to learn the following:

  • Gain confidence by examining the companies basics
  • Find out if they are trained and/or accredited by any trusted sources
  • Get social proof by reading online reviews
  • Determine if the company is easy to find and contact
  • What areas does the company cover

Step 1: Is the professional carpet cleaning company you've chosen insured?

Gain confidence by examining the companies basics

This one is fairly quick and simple to find out and can save you alot of time in your decision making process. The first thing to ask any carpet cleaning company is “Are you insured?” Regardless of the answer you should then ask, “Can you provide proof before I place my order?” Any professional carpet cleaning company will be able to provide this information easily. If you get excuses or the feeling that the company cannot provide this then our advice is to move on to another provider.

Step 2: Is the carpet cleaning company trained?

Find out if they are trained and/or accredited by any trusted sources

Carpet cleaning is not a standard cleaning service. Industry recognised training and certification is a must. Generally a company will have to complete training with a registered instructor and then take a certification exam. Completing the exam allows for the company to be insured correctly as insurance companies are aware of the risksand problems that untrained operators will eventually cause. 

Another thing to consider is, has the carpet cleaning company aquired any further accreditations as proof of there professionalism.

As an example we are trained and accredited by the following:

Step 3: People Talk About Companies That Care

Get social proof by reading online reviews from the professional carpet cleaning company you are researching

Another simple but effective way of choosing a reputable carpet cleaning company is to simply search for them online and read there reviews. Reviews are one of the best ways to get a feel for a companies professionalism and manner without making any commitment. Look for both possitive and negative comments and also look to see how the company handled the comments.
As an example see what our customers think.

Verified Happiness

What Our Customers Think

It is easy to claim we are professional and friendly. There is no better proof than what our latest verified customers think.

Verfied 5 Star Reviews From The Web
Emily Readman
Google Review
Read More
Fantastic. Did a great job. Super friendly but professional. Will definitely use again and can highly recommend.
Colonel Wheeler
Google Review
Read More
Excellent, highly professional and very effective service. An old carpet now looks almost new. Very impressive and very good value - thoroughly recommended!
Andrea Samuelson
Google Review
Read More
Devon Carpet Cleaners cleaned all 8 rugs - came and picked them up and returned them. They were efficient, timely and highly reliable. The rugs look like new now! I cannot recommend Dale and his team highly enough. Very pleased to have found them!

Step Four: How Easy Is It To Communicate

Determine if the carpet cleaning company is easy to find and contact

It’s amazing how many companies make it hard for new and exisiting customer to get hold of them. If a company has not taken the time to be found at the begining then what hope do you think you have later on in the purchasing and after sales process.  

For example if you search on google for “devon carpet cleaners ltd” you will see our Google My Business profile with related and relevant information which makes it easy for customers to do alot of things outlined in this article. Most importantly though, they can contact us easily.

Step 5: Professional Carpet Cleaning Coverage and Availability

What areas does the professional carpet cleaning company cover

It can sometimes be quite hard to find out if the professional carpet cleaning company you have been researching actually covers your area. Sometimes buiness owners have such a big list of must-do’s that they forget the basics. As a customer who is now ready to decide you want to know the company is there for you. Again check things like the companies Google My Business profile or website. The information should be there. 

As ana example we operate in and around the following areas:


5 Simple ways to determine if a professional carpet cleaning company is reliable and right for you

In this article we have explored the best ways to identify and choose the best professional carpet cleaning company for you. We have looked at ways to really narrow in on a reliabe choice when deciding to hire a carpet cleaning company. We have also looked at ways you can protect your investment early on in the purchase chain so you can finally feel confident about spending your hard earned money in the right place.
Carpet Cleaning Company
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