Professional Rug Cleaning Service
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We clean and refresh your rugs to create a safer, healthier home using Eco-Friendly industry leading chemicals and equipment.

Professional rug cleaners

Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and Patterns and can add a nice homely feel to your house. We are experts in Wool rug cleaning. When the time comes that you require a rug cleaning service you will need a company that has the experience and knowledge on how best to clean your rug. That’s where we at Devon carpet cleaners can assist you.

Rug cleaning
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Which method do we use ?

Every rug is different, some require the hot water extraction method and some require a dry rug cleaning method.

We always inspect each rug first to decide which method is the best to ensure the rug is looked after and also to get the best result.

What is dry rug cleaning

Dry rug cleaning is a process which leaves your carpets dry after we leave.

There are a few different types of this, one of the methods is using a dry carpet cleaning powder which is rubbed into the fibres of the rug and absorbs the dirt and is extracted with our industrial hoover.

We will always inspect the rug to decided which method is the most appropriate for your rug

dry rug cleaning
wool rug cleaning

Professional wool rug cleaning

Having our own workshop you have the option whether we clean your rugs inside your home or within our workshop.

We offer a collect and deliver service taking away some stress away from you.

If you require wool rug cleaning or have a rug purchased from a retailer such as Ikea we can clean it and make it more hygienic for you.

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No Hidden

Our pricing structure is simple. Meaning no surprises after the work has been carried out.


We provide the friendly service everyone deserves within their home & business.


Upon arrival we will agree a maximum price so you don’t need to worry about the time.

& Commercial

We cater for domestic homes and all types of commercial businesses.

Stain Removal

Removing stains from rugs such as urine, coffee, red wine, crayons, markers and make up can be worrying. If you require some rug spot cleaning to help retain a deposit or even just to make your carpet or rug look great again then we can help. We are fully trained technicians carrying out the wool rug cleaning with leading chemicals and equipment designed to tackle tough stains, so don’t panic we are here to help. One common question we get asked is how to remove stains from rugs our tips for rug stain removal Our best tip is DO NOT attempt to remove the stain yourself.
Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal

Please note: While every effort is taken to remove your stains some stains, may be permanent due to several factors. We will get as much information as we can from you before any stain treatment is undertaken

rug cleaning in devon

Rug cleaning across Devon

Our customer had several rugs which required cleaning after their pets had got them dirty.

We arranged to collect the rugs from the customers house and cleaned them in our premises. Once cleaned we arrange a convenient time to deliver them back to a happy customer. 

Just look at the dirty water that was extracted from this, even we were surprized by how dirty this was.

The result speaks for itself and the 5 star review left by the customer on our Google by business page was a nice bonus.

 “Really friendly and professional. Great communication too. Rugs were collected and cleaned brilliantly”