Carpet Cleaning Teignbridge: We are a growing team of carpet cleaners in Teignbridge.

We work in Teignbridge and its surrounding areas providing incomparable carpet cleaning results to domestic, end of tenancy and commercial customers.

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Carpet Cleaning Teignbridge: Who We Work For

We recognise there is no one size fits all approach to carpet cleaning as floors come in all shapes and sizes. We have tailored our approach to each main customer type to improve the quality of service and to overcome the challenges that each present when arriving at a price. We generally get asked for prices from the following customers.

carpet cleaners teignbridge

Carpet Cleaners Teignbridge: Wool, Synthetic and Mixed...

What Carpets Do We Clean?

We clean most types of carpet, with only a few exceptions. The most common carpets we come across are synthetic, Wool and a Wool/Synthetic mix. Synthetic carpets lend themselves to a more aggressive clean which allows us to render superb results. Wool carpets and other delicate fibres need a more tender clean and in some cases dry carpet cleaning would be advised by our team.

Carpet Cleaning Teignbridge: Hot Water Extraction or Dry Carpet Cleaning

What is the best carpet cleaning method?

We get asked this a lot. Although there are a number of ways to clean carpets the most effective way is Hot Water Extraction. We use an 10 step process in this approach, this is why we consider it to be the better method for most carpets. Dry carpet cleaning is another approach, which is a better solution for delicate or fragile carpets and rugs.

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The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning in Teignbridge

Get the most out of your carpet by working with a professional team of carpet cleaners in Teignbridge that understand the huge benefits you receive.

1. Removes Deep Dirt

Carpet cleaning will remove unseen dirt, dust mites and bacteria from deep down in the carpet fibres.

2. Extended Life

The longevity of your carpet is improved by promoting the pile to return to its original position.

3. Attacks Stains *

Some stains are very stubborn and our machinery and approved process renders great results when removing stains.

4. Brightens Up Your Rooms

Once the clean is complete your rooms will look and feel much brighter and smell fresh again.

* Not all stains can be removed based on the level of damage, fibre type, temperature and what you may have done to remove the stain yourself.

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Carpet Cleaners Teignbridge: Hiring Doesn't Work

Why You Shouldn't Rent A Portable Machine

According to the NCCA our cleaning process is considered the best system to use and leaves your carpets dryer with the pile softer to touch. Instead of going to your local supermarket and hiring their portable cleaning machines to do the work yourself, let us take away a lot of that stress and hassle by getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Teignbridge: What are the Costs

What Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Prices vary because of the varying techniques employed to clean a carpet thoroughly. It’s one of the most common questions we get asked and unfortunately there is no one size fits all carpet cleaning cost. We ask you for additional information when you enquire so we can arrive at the best price that fits your individual circumstances. All of the carpet cleaning prices we provide are transparent and easy to understand.

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The Professional Process

What to Expect from our Technicians?

Our standardised multi-step approach ensures we deliver a consistent deep clean every time. Our process also ensures that the final result is as good as it can possibly be. This means, if this process does not render the result you expect then no other carpet cleaner will be able to achieve better.

01. Pre-Inspection Examination

We will examine the carpet with you to identify any problems, options and solutions.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

02. Hoover North to South

We Hoover the entire area from north to south to extract dry soil from your carpets.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

03. Hoover East to West

We then hoover from east to west to extract any additional trapped dry soil.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

04. Chemical Pre-Spray

Once the hoovering is complete we spray down a chemical spray to attack the dirt.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

05. Spot & Stain Treatment

While the chemical dwells and attacks the dirt we then attempt to remove any serious or stubborn stains.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Stain

06. CRB Pile Agitation

We agaite the chemical pre-spray further into the fibres of the carpet so it can also attack deep down dirt.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

07. Hot Water Extraction

Once the chemical has had its full dwell time we them steam clean the carpet and extract all the dirt with our hot water extraction machine.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

08. Groom Pile Agitation

We use a specialised rake to promote the carpet pile back to its original position where possible. This also help to dry the carpets quicker.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

09. Strategic Air Mover Placement

We place air movers in stragegic positions so that the moisture can be forced out of each room which helps the drying process.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

10. Post Inspection & Sign Off

Finally, we show you the results, the water extracted and get your seal of approval. We also give advice on how to maintain the carpets.

Up to 0 Minutes
Per Area

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Read Our Carpet Cleaning Guide

We have put together an extensive guide to explain these processes in detail.

Carpet Cleaning Teignbridge: Your Problem Solvers

How We Combat Your Problem?

Every carpet is different, it could be the material. the age, the condition or even where the carpet is, right down to how much footfall it gets. With this in mind how can just one method work on all carpets? The answer is it can’t. That is why we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and having multiple cleaning methods.

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carpet cleaning teignbridge

Carpet Cleaners Teignbridge: Treads and Risers

What Can You Do About My Stairs?

Most properties have at least one set of stairs which will be carpeted, these are one of the main areas of the home that get a lot of footfall. Even if your wearing socks and slippers the dirt can be spread across all areas of your home. Portable machines that can be hired from supermarkets are not best equipped to combat traffic lanes and heavy dirt on stairs. That is why our experienced carpet cleaners have the correct equipment for cleaning stairs to ensure they are clean and hygienic. 

Combine This Service With

Before reading on, we think you may also be interested in our other services which all compliment one another for a complete professional cleaning package.

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Carpet Cleaning Teignbridge: Looking After Your Home

Professional Carpet Cleaners In Your Home

Our team of professional carpet cleaners are trained by Clean Smart and accredited by the National Carpet Cleaners Association. This means you can be confident that you have experienced, trained and insured technicians cleaning your carpets. We use specialised range of professional cleaning chemicals and meaning our team must be precise in their assessment of your requirements.

Carpet Cleaners Teignbridge: Providing Peace of Mind

Moving Into Your New Home

It’s exciting moving into your new home, but it can add some stress when the carpets where left uncleaned and smell particularly bad. why not get us to come with our experience and equipment to take some stress away form you. Our carpet cleaning service offers you peace of mind that the carpets in your new home smell fresh, feel softer and are clean from root to tip.

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Verified Happyness

what our Customers Think

It is easy to claim we are professional and friendly. There is no better proof than what our latest verified customers think.

Verfied 5 Star Google Reviews
Emily Readman
Google Review
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Fantastic. Did a great job. Super friendly but professional. Will definitely use again and can highly recommend.
Colonel Wheeler
Google Review
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Excellent, highly professional and very effective service. An old carpet now looks almost new. Very impressive and very good value - thoroughly recommended!
Andrea Samuelson
Google Review
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Devon Carpet Cleaners cleaned all 8 rugs - came and picked them up and returned them. They were efficient, timely and highly reliable. The rugs look like new now! I cannot recommend Dale and his team highly enough. Very pleased to have found them!
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Carpet Cleaning Teignbridge: The Elephant In The Room

Let's Talk About Stain Removal

Removing carpet stains such as urine, coffee, red wine, crayons, markers and make up can be worrying. If you require some carpet spot cleaning to help retain a deposit or even just to make your carpet look great again. We are fully trained technicians with leading chemicals and equipment designed to tackle tough stains, so don’t panic we are here to help.

Carpet Cleaners Teignbridge: The Best Policy

Stains & Setting Realistic Expectations

There is simply no guarantee that stain can be completely removed from your carpet. So many factors come into play when it comes to stains and while we make no promises, we do often get impressive results. If our process cannot remove the stain then no one or no other method will.

Our best tip is DO NOT attempt to remove the stain yourself.

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Learn About our uniCare Cleaning Products

We've been hard at work developing our own range of cleaning and sanitisation products which will be available via this website soon.