Carpets and Rugs Hold Upto 4x Its Own Weight In Dirt Alone.

Carpets are the biggest air filter in a property and they trap dust, dirt, mites and bacteria. This means your carpets could also be 4000 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service

We clean most types of carpet, with only a few exceptions. The most common carpets we come across are synthetic, Wool and a Wool/Synthetic mix. Synthetic carpets lend themselves to a more aggressive clean which allows us to render superb results. Wool carpets and other delicate fibres need a more tender clean and in some cases dry carpet cleaning would be advised by our team.

We want our customers to feel confident that they are working with a company that is trained and above all conscienous about delivering excellent standards.

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7 Benefits of Choosing Professional Carpet Cleaning

As an established professional cleaning company, we will provide you with an effective gutter treatment to save you time, worry and most importanly, money.

Carpet Cleaning Heavy Traffic Areas

Most properties have at least one set of stairs which will be carpeted, these are one of the main areas of the home that get a lot of footfall. Even if your wearing socks, slippers or protected foot coverings the dirt can be spread across all areas of your home or workplace. Portable machines that can be hired from supermarkets are not best equipped to combat traffic lanes and heavy dirt on stairs. That is why our experienced carpet cleaners have the correct equipment and chemicals for cleaning stairs to ensure they are deep cleaned and hygienic.

Removing Stains & Setting Realistic Expectations

There is simply no guarantee that stain can be completely removed from your carpet. So many factors come into play when it comes to stains and while we make no promises, we do often get impressive results. If our process cannot remove the stain then no one or no other method will.

Frequently Asked Questions?

We have collected our most frequently asked questions ( FAQ’s ) relating to professional carpet cleaning to help you find relevent information and to answer your general queries.

A. A high-performance unit “injects” hot water steam deep down to the very fibre of your textile floor covering; Simultaneously, a suction attachment is at work to remove up to 95% of moisture and dislodged unsanitary agents.

Deep carpet cleaning is suitable for: Fabrics made of synthetic or woollen fibres. How long does steam cleaning carpets take to dry? Approximately 4-6 hours.

A. Professional carpet cleaning typically requires a single technician. The cleaner can help you move light furniture as long as it doesn’t pose any extra risks.

A. The technician emulsifies a special dry chem powder and rubs it in with rotating brushes; The powder bonds chemically to any dirt particles that reside in between the fibres; The cleaning agent is left to loosen up soil and make it easier to extract; Then the pro vacuums your piece to suck in both powder and dirt; Dry chem cleaning removes 99% of allergens and effectively refreshes any carpet or rug.

Is drying time required? No. Your carpeting is ready almost immediately after the service.

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Emily Readman
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Fantastic. Did a great job. Super friendly but professional. Will definitely use again and can highly recommend.
Colonel Wheeler
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Excellent, highly professional and very effective service. An old carpet now looks almost new. Very impressive and very good value - thoroughly recommended!
Andrea Samuelson
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Devon Carpet Cleaners cleaned all 8 rugs - came and picked them up and returned them. They were efficient, timely and highly reliable. The rugs look like new now! I cannot recommend Dale and his team highly enough. Very pleased to have found them!

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