Professional Upholstery Cleaning

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We clean and refresh your upholstery to create a safer, healthier home using industry leading chemicals and equipment.

Sofa Upholstery Cleaning

2 Seat Sofas, 3 Seat Sofas, 4 Seat Sofas, Corner Sofas, Chaise Lounge and Recliner Sofas

Chair Upholstery Cleaning

Arm chairs, Side chairs, Dining Chairs, Office Chairs, Waiting Room Chairs, Tandum Chairs and Recliner Chairs 

Stool Upholstery Cleaning

Foot Stools, Ottomans, Foot Rest, Cubes & Rounds, Modular Stools

Mattress Cleaning

Single Mattress, Double Mattress, Queen Mattress, King Mattress and Bunk Bed Mattresses.

Upholstery Cleaning with Devon Carpet Cleaners

Sofas, Chairs and Foot Stools often get a lot use and as a result can look dirty and old very quickly. Unclean furniture not only clings onto dirt but also provide the perfect host for bateria to thrive in. We offer an affordable and effective way to remedy this by cleaning and treating the furniture; Bringing the fabric back to life.

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Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

We work closely with businesses in Devon to provide sanitised upholstered furniture and mattresses that create a cleaner, safer workplace for your guests and team. 

This could be your office, meeting room, restaurant, cafe or breakout chairs and sofas to mention a few examples.

We understand the importance of being flexible so we work around your schedule which means our team is on hand 24/7. We offer upholstery service plans to help manage and maintain your ongoing furniture cleaning costs to take the anxiety out of such a big deep clean whilst saving you money in the process. 

Because your customers expect a certain standard and look to rating sites more and more for recommedations it’s important to deliver the right first impression; Nothing helps more than clean furniture that is odour free.

Commercial & Domestic Mattress Cleaning

A third of your life is spent resting in bed with your mattress collecting bodily fluids, odours, dead skin, hair and bed bugs to name a few. Whether your a hotel with a high turnover of guests or a family, everyone benefits from a mattress clean. This is an affordable way to maintain a healthy mattress.

Mattress Stain Removal

Removing stains such as urine and blood can be worrying. We are fully trained technicians with leading chemicals designed to combat tough stains. Dont panic we are here to help. We recommend that you don’t attempt to remove the stains yourself, please get in touch.

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No Hidden

Our pricing structure is simple. Meaning no surprises after the work has been carried out.


We provide the friendly service everyone deserves within their home & business.


Upon arrival we will agree a maximum price so you don’t need to worry about the time.

& Commercial

We cater for domestic homes and all types of commercial businesses.

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